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Petting Zoo Animals At Deep Roots Produce
Jeanine The Alpaca

Petting Zoo

Come visit our herd at Deep Roots Petting Zoo! We have alpacas, sheep, pigs, goats, a donkey, chickens, peahens and a turkey! The petting zoo is free to visit! You may purchase feed cups in the market.

About Our Animals

Our animals live on the farm year round. We firmly believe in caring for them with the highest quality care and providing them with a low stress environment. We ask that you are respectful when feeding and meeting them. Please refrain from bringing your dogs over to the petting zoo. Unknown canines frighten most of our herd. If you have any questions about our animals, please ask Farmer Stephen or another staff member. We would love to answer anything!

Anana The Alpaca

Our Alpacas

On our farm we have 5 alpacas; Anana, Anastasia, Lollapalooza, Tina and Jeanine. They range in age from 3.5 to 14.

Jeanine is the alpha of the whole herd. She is very protective of each of our animals and is the "mom" of the group.

The other alpacas are docile, gentle and sometimes shy, but they are very sweet!

Lollapalooza just joined us in 2022 and has dwarfism; she looks like a baby but is full grown!

All five will eat out of your hand. They only have bottom teeth, so they'll never nip or bite you! They rarely spit but will do so if they feel threatened; the key is to treat them with respect and they will do the same :)

Petting Zoo Animals At The Deep Roots Produce Farm

Our Sheep

Pepper and Pumpkin joined the farm as babies in 2021. They came from the same Michigan farm as our alpacas. It took them a while to warm up but now these two are treat fanatics and will eat from your hand! They are Kahtahdin sheep and actually "shed" themselves. Most other sheep need to be sheared, but these guys do it by themselves. We added three babydoll sheep to the herd as well in 2023: Molly, Millie and Paisley.

Petting Zoo Goats At Deep Roots Produce

Our Goats

Our Deep Roots herd started with Milky and Cinnamon back in 2019 - two twin brothers that don't lack any spunk or personality. They are our alpha goats and they are treat hogs. If you have a feed cup, Milky and Cinnamon are the first guys you'll see. You might think they look pregnant, but they're just chubby LOL. We've tried to put them on diets, but they're pretty adamant about eating.


Peanut is our sweet old lady who is about 10 years old; she came to us the summer of 2021 and is a myotonic (fainting) goat. Oliver and Otis, also twin brothers, came to us spring of 22 and are very sweet, vocal goats. They love to "yell" for treats and attention. Hank and Cash were born in March of 22 and joined the farm in May; they are ANOTHER set of twin brothers and we are so excited for these two to join us.  As of spring of 2024, we are up to 16 goats! Come meet them all!

Baby Goats
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