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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big is the farm?
    The entire property is 55 acres, 32 tillable.
  • Who owns Deep Roots?
    Stephen and Liv McDaniel (husband & wife) are the farm owners. Stephen oversees all of the field & produce market operations, including crop management, activities on the farm, field labor and animal care. Liv oversees events, market labor, social media and vendor relations. Stephen has been farming for 13 years and has a passion for connecting his community to its agricultural roots! Check out the "Our Roots" tab for more info! Please say hi if you see us on the farm; we'd love to meet you!
  • Is everything grown on the farm?
    We grow 90% of the produce that is sold on the farm. If we do not grow it, we partner with other local west Michigan farms. All other products (milk, honey, coffee, etc.) are produced and sourced from west Michigan as well.
  • When did you open?
    July 13, 2019 was opening day of our very first season!
  • Are you organic?
    We are not certified organic, but we practice sustainable farming methods. If we see a pest or disease threat in our fields, we will combat those threats with green chemistry to avoid losing much of our yield.
  • Does it cost money to come to the farm?
    There is no admission/gate fee at Deep Roots. You are welcome to come check out the market and petting zoo for free. The sunflower field, corn maze, produce, animal feed cups & other items in the market barn do have a cost associated.
  • Can we feed the animals?
    You can! We sell one time use feed cups and seasonal feed cups. The seasonal feed cup is a great option if you are a Deep Roots regular!
  • What kinds of events do you host?
    Check out our events & info page for more details!
  • Do you have food/drinks?
    We are working on building out our kitchen in the new barn! It will not be complete in 2023, but we will have some offerings! We also host food trucks on many weekends too (check our social media pages for dates & details on food trucks.)
  • Do you have a CSA?
    We do not have a CSA program. However, we do sell weekly produce boxes in peak harvest season. On our social media platforms, we post what will be in the boxes that week. It varies from week to week depending on what is available. The contents of the box are always shared prior to you purchasing the box! Boxes are picked up at the farm (you choose the date and time.)
  • Are dogs allowed on the farm?
    While dogs were allowed in our old outdoor barn market, unfortunately we cannot allow them in our new barn due to food safety regulations. Dogs are allowed in the parking lot and porch areas if leashed & well behaved, but they are not permitted in our fields or by the petting zoo. We understand wanting to introduce your dog to our herd, but it can often cause our animals to become stressed. We do host a Dog Day on the farm on the last Sunday of the season, so your furry friends are welcome in the maze/pumpkin fields on that day only. Service dogs are always welcome in all areas of the farm.
  • Do you sell bushels of produce?
    The main items we sell by the bushel are tomatoes and sweet corn. Our corn comes from E Miedema & Sons in Byron Center, and is always delicious! Our homegrown tomatoes are very flavorful and are amazing for eating fresh or canning. Once our tomato harvest starts to pick up, we begin offering bushel and half bushel sales. We offer prepicked and upick bushels. For other produce items, we offer bushel pricing if we have a surplus available.
  • Do you sell seeds or transplants?
    No we do not.
  • When does the sunflower field open?
    Mid August is usually when they begin to bloom. The field will stay open for about 3 weeks, as long as the sunflowers are in good shape. We will announce an opening date on our social media platforms.
  • When does the corn maze open?
    Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend
  • How does the corn maze work?
    Our corn maze is a family friendly activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Daytime admission to our corn maze comes with all day access to all three trails (beginner, intermediate and advanced.) There are twelve checkpoints throughout the whole maze. You will receive a punchcard that serves as your map and shows an aerial view of the maze. Find all twelve checkpoints and fill your punch card to complete the maze! We also have a GPS tracker that you may use if you wish; you will scan a QR code that populates an interactive map on your smart phone. This is a great resource to use if you are nervous about doing mazes! *Tickets to special events nights in the maze (ie haunted and glow nights) are sold separately.
  • How old do you have to be to go in the maze?
    All ages are welcome in the maze, but all children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

*If your question is not answered below, please fill out the "Contact Us" form, or reach out on Facebook/Instagram, and we will respond within 24 hours! 

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