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Field Of Sunflowers

Farm Florals

U-Pick Flower Patch & Sunflower Maze

Our u-cut flower field is opening July 8th and will likely remain open until first frost! Customers are able to pick from the field; pricing depends on the bouquet size you'd like. A small bouquet cup is $12 and a large bouquet bucket is $50. Please check in inside the market barn before entering the flower patch; we will provide paper buckets for you to pick into and take home. We also have shears for you to borrow. Varieties we are growing include: marigolds, zinnias, celosia, seed dahlias, red & green basil, gomphrena, statice, amaranth and strawflower. Please note our u-cut flower field is different from our sunflower maze!

Our sunflower maze requires admission and will not be ready until late August. 

When Do Sunflowers Bloom?

 After being planted, sunflowers can take up to 10-13 weeks to fully bloom. During this time a small bud will develop at the tip of the stem. Initially, the bud will be closed, but over time it will open up to reveal the bright golden petals underneath. 

Once the sunflowers are in full bloom, they will display their vibrant colors for about 3 weeks. At this stage, they attract bees, butterflies, beetles and a variety of other tiny pollinators. They are attracted to its bright petals and sweet nectar.

We plan to open our Sunflower Maze on August 19th. This date is subject to change, so please keep a lookout on social media for updates!


Sunflower Maze Price

Admission and U-cut Pricing TBD

Pets are not allowed in the field.


*Tickets are not refundable

Field Of Sunflowers

How Many Types of Sunflowers Are There?

There are more than 70 different varieties of sunflowers! Our field will feature 15 of those species in a wide variety of sizes and colors; perfect for all photo opportunities, or to simply enjoy their beauty.

The sunflower colors will range from sunny yellow, to golden yellow, orange, and ruby red to bronze!

Our 2022 Sunflower Maze Design

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